October 23

Breakfast with Experimental Aircraft Association & 22nd Annual Jack Daniels BBQ 



Ask participants for more details (ask them about the BBQ sauce on ice cream) at the monthly meeting on Monday evening. See you there!

Then it was off to Lynchburg for the 22nd Annual International BBQ Competition sponsored by Jack Daniels Distillery, lead by Gray Sands. The ride was fantastic (including a record-breaking number of "U-ies"), the weather was balmy, the crowd was huge and the BBQ was mouth-watering. Although parking was a challenge, the effort -- rewarded with a serving of JD whisky raisin ice cream -- was worth it!!

Pilots were more than eager to talk about their unique craft. Members walked around at will, around every parked plane, stepped back occasionally to let another taxi in or out, and stood just feet away from the re-fueling of those who needed "topping off." It was a rare opportunity to be "up close and personal" with aircraft, pilots and airport operations. Thanks, Dave!

In was the perfect top-down day, and probably one of the most interesting Miata Club events ever, and was sponsored by Dave Vanhoven. Experimental Aircraft pilots from around the region flew into Shelbyville Airport for a Breakfast "Meet." Dave arranged for Club members  to have a special parking area "inside the fence," and were able to enjoy a great breakfast buffet, then wander around the tarmack as a changing variety or aircraft taxied in, parked.

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