Sponsored by the Yarbers

The first total eclipse in TN since 1869 will be visible from 1:28 to 1:30 PM on August 21st in 35 TN counties including the Nashville areas. Partial eclipse will start 11:59 AM and back into total light by 2:54 PM.

It is interesting to note in ancient days, Chinese described the eclipse as “a dragon eating the sun”.  As we will be running up & down The Tail of the Dragon earlier in the month we might as well join the old girl in good eats and watch once in a lifetime solar event because the next one will be in 2153. In true MCMC tradition, the Yarber’s have reserved Shelter 6 in the Cedars of Lebanon State Park, 328 Cedar Forest Rd. Lebanon, Tennessee 37090, for a viewing party and BYO picnic lunch.

Michael and Ray will stake claim on our site @ 8 AM and we’ll meet at 11:00 AM to eat lunch prior to the event, parking near the shelter as space or dry ground allows or at the ball fields.  Bring bag chairs and enough food for yourselves plus one other person. 

Michael says ice cream in frozen state would be a plus. Oh yea, referring to the above lyrics in “Blinded by the Light” hit song by Manfred Mann, we will have the special protective glasses for viewing the eclipse.  You definitively want to save your vision for David William’s scenic drive as a optional event after the eclipse.

So skip work on Monday and join the Yarber’s on this epic solar event with a RSVP @  mly1971@gmail.com or (615) 971-7101 Cell

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