Spring Garage Tech Day

Sponsored by the Mikos

Attention garage rats and wrench turners; it’s time for our next Garage Tech Day.  We’ll gather at the Mikos’ place in Kingston Springs on Saturday, April 15th at 9 am.  For this go around, we will be doing a timing belt job on a 2004.  

Because of the complex nature of this job, unlike past events, we will be focusing on just this one task. All NAs and NBs have a timing belt and it needs to be serviced every 80-100k miles.  A professional mechanic typically charges in excess of $1200 to perform it.  Gregg recently did his son’s ’99 and now feels comfortable demonstrating it to others.  Changing the timing belt also provides easy access to change the water pump, crank/cam seals and valve cover gasket. 

Because of the time involved to complete the whole job, Gregg will prepare the car in advance of tech day by pulling out the radiator and various other accessories so that we can focus on the main part of the job as a group. 

So, if you got a hankering to get your hands dirty;  or maybe you want to see how it’s done;  or maybe you just don’t want to do yard work and would rather hang out with your buddies and talk about cars, then come and join us at the Mikos’ for Garage Tech Day.  Their address will be provided when you rsvp.  A light lunch will be served. Please let Gregg and Chere’ know that you’re coming via email by April 12 at TennMikos@comcast.net

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