Sponsored by Ray Sawyer

The Cool Springs Cars & Coffee gatherings are every Saturday at the Carmike theater parking area in Franklin…but the first Saturday of the month is when the “exotics” come out. As in past months, we will be showing our Miatas and setting up the Music City Miata Club hospitality tent and hand out Club information to potential members. Come join your friends to talk cars and browse the assortment of hot rods, classics, and who knows what, (it’s way better than cleaning those gutters). Hope you can join us!

Anyone who wants to show their MIATA is welcome to do so. Ray will hold a group of adjoining spaces. If you want a spot, let him know at: ray4421@att.net

Time: 8 AM -10:30 AM or until the last vehicle leaves

Location: 633 Frazier Drive, Franklin which is the Carmike Thoroughbred 20 Theater parking lot closest to McDonald’s, our Club booth is by the hedge close to McDonalds.

Refreshment opportunities: McDonald’s is a few hundred yards from event or the Starbucks is across Cool Springs Blvd. (1/4 mile). After the show, we’ll go somewhere nearby for brunch or beers.

Housekeeping notes:

Pick up your trash. Please leave the parking lot better than you found it or the gracious business owners will end this spontaneous gathering.
Driving onto and exiting the parking lot – PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND RESPONSIBLY! Please enter the parking lot slowly, drive through the parking lot slowly and exit the parking lot slowly. Once you have left the parking lot and are on Frasier Drive, continue to drive appropriately. If you feel the “need for speed” and to “throttle up”, please at least wait till you are a mile away from the parking lot before you do anything. We do not want that activity to be associated with the Cars and Coffee event. There are POLICE present!

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