Phil and Jan Serocki invite you to join then on a trip to the Devils Triangle. No you don’t need a flame retardant suit, just some sharp reaction times. The Devils triangle is located just north of Oak Ridge in the mountains of the Cumberland Plateau. It’s made up of some of the most unusual two Lane twisty roads in eastern Tennessee. The adventure ranges from Rural scenery to a view of Brushy Mountain State prison. The route ranges from gentle sweepers to switchbacks equal to or greater than the ones found on the dragon.

We will meet up at the Cracker Barrel in Mount Juliet  at 8am where we’ll depart for Monterey TN. From there we will take SR. 62 .  We will continue on SR 62 to Petros this is where we will pick up SR.-116. We will stop at the crossroads store for a pit stop. On the way out we will see Brushy Mountain State penitentiary. This is where James Earl Ray ( Martin Luther King’s killer was incarcerated). He escaped in 1977 and was recaptured 3 days later.

The elevation starts to increase from 1400 feet to 2150 feet at Armes Gap, this is a very twisty area. Then the road suddenly descends to 1600 feet at the new river with some fun twisties. We will continue on 116  passed the giant windmill farm and passed the longest flying confederate flag to an area called haunted corners…  We will stop at the small country store as we approach SR. 330 for a beverage and regain our composure.

We will head west on SR 62 to Clarkrange Tn where we will stop at the Cumberland Mountain General Store & 50’s Rock-A-Billy Diner, 6807 South York Highway, Clarkrange, TN 38553 for lunch and desert. Be prepared for the best ice cream sundaes anywhere. We will continue back on SR 62 back to Monterey and I-40.

We would love to have you join us. If you plan to attend email us at

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