Sponsored by the Yarbers

Come join us for our third annual running at the NCM track, eating lunch and finishing with ice cream!

Do you remember the sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum?  Well…..you can also experience that ultimate feeling driving into the “sinkhole” turn at the NCM Motorsports Park on June 20th!

We’ll start the day at Cracker Barrel in Goodlettsville exit #97 I-65 at 9:30 AM and depart at 9:45 AM for the short drive to the NCM Motorsports Park at I65 Exit #28 in Bowling Green, KY.

The NCM Motorsports track is a true road course that is now ranked in the top 10 best road courses in the America, where it is safe to learn with drivers of like skills OR the chance to run with the big dogs!  Keep in mind there is no “racing” involved and it’s your chance to learn to drive your car fast, safely.

Laps starts from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. , we will be greeted and lined up for the “Touring Laps.”  You will get 5 laps per run with speeds up to 100 mph with a group of 5-10 cars, paced by a Corvette (or similar)  around the 3.2 mile road course with a “sinkhole ” turn (turn 20).  The laps will last about 3 minutes.  Helmets are not required, and you can have a passenger Yeeehaw!!!

(Click Pic for more info)

Afterwards, as you catch your breath, we’ll be hungry, head to the Smokey Pig for some chow and ending at Chaneys Dairy Barn for ice cream for a sweet ending to a fantastic day.

As you will be signing waivers to participate in the “Touring Laps”, DO CHECK with your insurance agent as some policies do not cover damage to your car, liability and/or personal injury at or on a race track. Be sure to indicate to your agent that this is a “PACED” run around the track.

You are welcome to participate and/or watch the others run the track. We’ll need a head count, so RSVP by June 13th at  mly1971@gmail.com.

Michael Yarber,  615.971.7101 

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