Come join us for a scenic Drive & Dine to beautiful Amish country in Lawrenceburg, TN. We will be meeting at Cracker Barrel in Springhill at 9:30 am. Come earlier if you plan to eat breakfast there. We’ll be taking back roads to Lawrenceburg to Amish Welcome Center on Hwy. 43.  Our Horse and Wagon Tour will begin at 10:30am. The tickets for tour is $10 each, and if we have 10 or more people on tour, we can get tickets for  $8 each inside store.

The Amish people sell different items from their homes, and they only take cash. So hit the ATM and get cash on the way. After the tour, we will travel to Davy Crockett State Park for  lunch and fellowship.  After lunch everyone can check out the park and head back to the Fast Lane of at their leisure.

Please email Steve Shores to let him know you’ll be joining us. If your plans change, please let Steve know so we don’t needlessly wait for you at the Cracker Barrel.



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