Music City Miata Club, Inc.

Minutes of Monthly Meeting

February 25, 2019

Golden Corral Restaurant, Hermitage, TN

The regular monthly meeting of the Music City Miata Club was held February 25, 2019 at the Golden Corral restaurant in Hermitage, TN with twenty-six members attending.

Board present:  President Jerry Hammock, Communications Director Denny Rowlett (absent), Past President Lois Matisak, VP & President Elect David Gauvin, Treasurer Laura Key, Event Director Steve Shores, Historian Dorothy Gauvin, Secretary Stephanie Tankersley. Membership Director Greg Johnson.

The President, Jerry Hammock, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m., welcomed everyone and thanked all members for attending. He welcomed new Jr. members Clara and Todd, The Huff’s grandkids. Jerry Hammock welcomed John and Dorris Dauson from Sparta, TN who were visiting to learn more about our club. They drive a 2004 SE British Green Miata.

Ray Sawyer distributed door prize drawing tickets. Door prize drawing winners were Barb Huff and Lee Thompson. Linda Herndon gave out the most business cards.

Jerry asked for a motion to approve last month’s minutes.  Ray Sawyer made a motion to approve the minutes of the January meeting as posted on the website.  Linda Herndon made the second.  Motion was approved by all.

Finance:  Laura Key gave the Treasurer’s report.  Beginning balance was $1,796.00 with receipts of $575.00 in dues collected, $265.00 in Super Bowl collections and merchandise and expenses of $745.00 (Super Bowl and liability insurance) for a current balance of $1,891.00.  Lois Matisak made the motion to approve the report and Mike Yarber made the second.  Motion approved.

Membership:  It was reported by Greg Johnson that there were no new signups. We have 56 members renewed for 2019.


Past Events:

February 3 – Super Bowl Party at Jerry Hammock’s house

  • Jerry opened his home again for an amazing time to watch the Super Bowl and good fellowship with friends and food.       Twenty-six members showed up for the game, some delicious BBQ and desserts. Greg Mikos was the winner of the gaming squares 3 out of 4.

February 16 – Sweetie Valentines Drive with Laura Key

  • There were 13 Miatas that attended. The weather ended up being very good for the drive. Several members met the group at the restaurant. Twenty-nine members attended the dinner at Mauricio’s Italian Restaurant in Cookeville. A stop was made at the Cordell Hull overlook just in time for a beautiful view of the sunset.

Upcoming Events:

March 16 – TN State Museum Drive by the Farmer’s Market/Amerigo’s

  • Steve Shores is planning a drive that would involve touring the TN State Museum and then a short drive finally ending at Amerigo’s Restaurant on West End for dinner.

March 30 – Lawrenceburg drive to tour Amish Homes

April 6 – Nashville Cars & Coffee (Cool Springs)

  • Cars & Coffee to be held from 8 – 10 a.m. at the Thoroughbred Cinemas parking lot in Cool Springs.  Please email Ray for him to save spots if they are planning on attending.

April 11-14 – New Orleans Trip with Jerry Hammock

  • Nine cars will be driving with Jerry Hammock leading the pack to the French Quarter Festival.

April 22 – Smingus Dingus Day at the Cajun Steamer Restaurant in Cool Springs.

  • Join Phil Matisak and others to celebrate our annual Dingus Day celebration. Phil will give history, jokes, and possibly a test on the traditions of Dingus Day.

April 27 – Cornbread Festival led by The Herndons

May – Brushy Mountain Drive


Vice President/President Elect:  David Gauvin reported that we were all glad to have Ray Sawyer back at the meetings and glad he was feeling better.

Communications:  Denny Rowlett was absent.

Historian:  Dorothy Gauvin reported that she will be taking a lot of pictures to show runs for the scrapbook.

Secretary: Stephanie Tankersley had nothing to report.

Past-President:  Lois Matisak reported that members need to help out with ideas, planning, and even leading for future runs.

New Business: 

Greg Johnson reminded members that you can pay your 2019 membership dues on PayPal. Ray Sawyer mentioned that all merchandise can be purchased through him or paid on PayPal from the Miata website. He can mail merchandise directly to members. Phil Matisak mentioned that a 2006 MX-5 Black Miata has been listed on the Miata website.

Jerry reminded attendees to tip our waitress, and asked for a motion to adjourn.  Greg Johnson made the motion; Lois Matisak second; all approved. Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Tankersley

Recording Secretary


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