Sponsored by Gauvin’s & Sawyer’s

Attention garage rats and wrench turners; it’s time for our next Garage Tech Day. We’ll gather at the Gauvin’s place in Madison on Saturday, April 14 at 9 am.

So far we have a set of slow windows, a door panel replacement, LED Headlights, a Transmission and Diff. oil change (David Gauvin), and a possible hood struts install (me- but only if no one else has anything). Plus whatever someone else comes up with, we can use a couple of more projects. So, if you have a repair or modification that you’d like to demonstrate or need help with, let David know ASAP, they’ll size up the project and if a go, you can acquire the necessary parts for the job, contact David Gauvin david@hardcastleconstruction.com

So, if you got a hankering to get your hands dirty; or maybe you want to see how it’s done; or maybe you just don’t want to do yard work and would rather hang out with your buddies and talk about cars, then come and join us at the Gauvin’s place for Garage Tech Day. Their address will be provided when you RSVP. For lunch a DIY sandwich bar will be served with all the fixins’ and some sort of dessert and cost will be $5 per person. There will be an ice chest with cokes and water but BYOB.

Please let David know that you’re coming via email by April 12 at david@hardcastleconstruction.com

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