Music City Miata Club
January 22, 2018

The regular monthly meeting of the Music City Miata Club was held January 22, 2018 at the Piccadilly Cafeteria with 34 members attending.

The President, Lois Matisak, called the meeting to order, wished everyone a happy new year and thanked them for coming. She asked our guest, Joel Araujo, to introduce himself and tell us about his car. He has a ’92 that is a work in progress. The Williams’ granddaughter, Scarlet, was also a guest as was Mike and Joyce Yarber’s grandbaby.

Ray Sawyer held the prize drawings. Michael Price won the prize for placing business cards on 7 Miatas in the past month. Door prizes were won by Barbara Williams and Joel Araujo.

Steve Wright made the motion to approve the minutes of the November meeting as posted on the website. Mike Yarber made the second and the motion was unanimously approved.

Laura Key gave the Treasurer’s report for the past year. Total balance with deposits is $3,793.00. Total expenses are $1,078.00 for a current balance of $2,715.00.

President Matisak asked for members to pass along any word of illnesses, losses or surgeries to a member of the board so that the club can send an acknowledgment.

Ray Sawyer, Membership Chairman, reported that we now have 105 members. President Matisak stated that we hope to soon have Ray’s club merchandise available on our website.

At this time the floor was turned over to the Event Chairmen, David and Barbara Williams, for the report on our events from the last month. Phil & Jan Serocki took some of our members to Key West for their annual Christmas parade. On December 9 we had our annual Christmas party at the Barn Dinner theater. Denny & Cheryl Rowlett took us for a tour of the Governor’s mansion and lunch at the Honeysuckle Cafe. And Greg & Marilyn Johnson hosted us at their home on new year’s day.

The upcoming events for the next month are:

*January 27/28 Winter Get Away-The Williams will take us on an over night trip to Pickwick Landing with stops at the TN River Museum and Shiloh Battlefield.

*February 4 Jerry Hammock will again host us for our annual Super Bowl party.

*February 10 will be our Valentine “Sweetie Run” to Rock Island and the Foglight Foodhouse.

*March 3 we will again attend the Cars & Coffee monthly event at the cinema parking lot at Cool Springs. We attend the first Saturday of each month.

The Serockis would like to gauge interest in attending the Concourse D’Elegans event at Amelia Island on March 9 thru 11 where exotic cars are on display.

President Matisak thanked the Williams for their hard work and encouraged members to help the Williams by hosting an event or offering suggestions. She stressed that veteran members will be glad to assist anyone wanting to lead an event. She then asked for any officer’s reports. There were none. She thanked Linda Herndon for hosting the Christmas outing and asked members to give Linda any memorabilia from past events for our scrapbook.

Sue Fairman was congratulated on her retirement.

Stephanie Tankersley told members that there is now a videographer who attends the Cars & Coffee event and does a real time video with requests about specific car clubs.

There being no further business Denny Rowlett made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Vic Davis made the second. Motion approved by all.

Respectfully submitted,
Candace Sands
Recording Secretary

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