The Titans could be in, we never know, but that doesn’t mean there’ll be any less howling going on Feb 4 at Jerry Hammock’s Super Bowl Central! 

Miata Club members seem to have a variety of ties to football teams across the country. They’ll find SOMEBODY to cheer for — if for no other reason than to win the “pool!” It’s turning into a winning tradition over at Jerry’s — plenty of room, plenty or TVs, food and competitive spirit! Plan to be there.

So, Jerry wants to know, “Are You Ready For Some Football?” Will your team make it to the Big Party OR, are you simply interested in breaking free of the Tennessee winter doldrums and soaking up some social stimulation, whether it’s from interesting conversation, or the ebb and flow of other spirits.

Maybe you’ll want to spice up the action and great commercials with a little $$$ action on the side. Well, it’s that time again. Time for the annual Music City Miata Club members  to “Party Down” and join your Rowdy Friends for a mid-Winter Celebration of all things NFL.

Jerry will throw open his doors and welcome you to his home at 505 Tyler Drive in Hermitage beginning at 4pm on Sunday, Feb. 4.   As with years past, be sure and don your favorite NFL apparel and bring a winning attitude. Jerry will sacrifice his home, provide some iced-down beer, an ample supply of bar-b-que and wings, along with baked beans, coleslaw and potato salad and great big ole pan of banana pudding for dessert, all provided by Famous Dave’s  — and two or three TV monitors for your viewing pleasure. 

Be sure and bring a big appetite, and if you’d like something other than soft drink and beer, you’re welcome to bring your favorite libation. And, if you want to throw a spare chair in your car, just in case we run out of places to “park it” for the party, that would be great.   As usual, there’ll be an opportunity to place a few bucks on the score board, with quarterly cash prize winners.   So, don’t delay:

  • RSVP Jerry Hammock by Jan 31 at or (615) 883-1810 or (615) 429-8743.
  • Send/Bring Jerry a check, made out to “MCMC”, in the amount of $10 per person,  at 505 Tyler Drive in Hermitage TN 37076.

  Jerry will be looking for your smiling faces , as we gather for this spirited, in-door event of 2018.


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