Hosted by Marilyn and Gregory Johnson 

No we are not going to shoot sausages! But we will be cooking up some and eating them.  It’s that time again for the MCMC to support out 2nd Amendment rights.  If you or your significant other is not a shooter (at least not yet) don’t worry we will have you covered (excuse the pun).

We will start the day with a drivers meeting @ 8:45 AM, where else but at a Cracker Barrel, the one at exit 81 off I24 in Murfreesboro.  Come an hour early if you want to fill that belly and empty that bladder and you should arrive with a full tank of gas for your Miata. This will get the day started right.

We will pull out at the end of the drivers meeting which starts at 9:00 AM. For an hour or so we will drive through the outstanding back roads of middle Tennessee until we arrive at Dragons Rest, our home in Bradyville, Tennessee.  I promise no (well almost no) gravel on our journey until we get to our driveway, then there will be gravel.  We will go slowly so no problems and we will use festival parking at top.

This will be our 4rd annual shooting event for the club and I think we have come up with the perfect plan for the afternoon. Please take you pick of one, or all the activities.

For shooters we will have a short, medium and a long hand gun range with several targets at each distance. We will also have a 125 yard long gun range so feel free to bring what you got, anything except NO Shotguns.  I will have targets and target stands set up in the upper meadow, just a short walk from the house and parking area. I have a 4×4 to carry equipment and ferry those that need a ride to the range area.  Please don’t forget plenty of ammunition and both eye and hearing protection.  Standard gun range safety rules will apply.

For non-shooters there will be a basic compound bow and arrow range and a Corn Hole Game set up.  You can also just set on the deck and enjoy the view while sipping a favorite beverage and munching on some snacks. If last year is any guide lots of good conversation will be had.

For lunch we will be serving a “Sausage Fest”.  Frankfurters, polish sausages, bratwurst and Kielbasa will all be on the grill. Please bring a side dish to help round out the menu.  Beer and wine and soft drinks will be available (shooters must wait until done shooting) but feel free to bring the adult beverage of your choice. A chair in a bag would also be helpful. 

Shooters and non-shooters are equally welcome as there will be plenty to do; even if it is just sitting on the porch and watching the clouds go by.  There is not set ending time, stay until dark if you like.  Just remember you still need to get back down “THE HILL”. Please RSVP to Greg at mailto:greg@gregconnected.comor call at 615-714-4530

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