frenchquarter1Some people call it ‘NAWLINS’, others refer to it as ‘The Crescent City’, ‘The BIG EASY’, ‘NOLA’, ‘The Saint City’, ‘The City that Care Forgot’. But no matter what you choose to call it, New Orleans is one of the best places to have pure fun and celebrate the joys of life in the country. And to combine those characteristics with one of the best musical venues of the year in the Big Easy, the French Quarter Festival held on April 6 thru 9, 2017 is a celebration of all things NAWLINS! 

Jerry Hammock will be ushering the Music City Miata Club down to the Big Easy once again for the 2017 Festival.  Once more he is urging you to join him for the run to Nawlins for four days in early April to take in, enjoy, soak up, immerse yourself in some of the finest music available. Over the course of four laid back days, you can experience Blues, Jazz, Soul, Latin, Black Gospel, Zadeco, Southern Rock, Folk, Big Brass, Dixie Land and more, played at multiple musical venues (last year there were seventeen, with over (450) presentations from almost (150) musical groups. The entire French Quarter is alive with nothing but sweet music.

OH ! And did I forget to mention the great Cajun food & weather in the mid to high 70’s ? Well, you get the picture. And all you need to do is ‘Join the Fun‘.   Jerry has made advanced group reservations at the Royal St Charles (504-207-8911) held under the Music City Miata Club for the evenings of April 6th thru the 9th at $169 per night plus tax & a three night minimum. The hotel is located 1 block from Canal St on St Charles Ave which becomes Royal St on the other side of Canal and the entrance to the French Quarter. A small group of our members stayed there during Marti Gras this past February and received raved reviews. It is very nice and convenient to all events and eating establishments. 

Please do not wait. Call the above # to make your reservation. The rooms will go fast, as we get closer to Spring.  Feel free to make your reservations now, your credit card will NOT be charged until 72 hours out from arrival date.   By all means check out the website for The French Quarter Festival, ,ask anyone in the club that’s been for their recommendation, then make your reservations and let Jerry know you will be joining him for the Fun in Nawlins in 2017. He personally promises that you will have a ball.

RSVP to Jerry Hammock at or 615-429-8743. AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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