Music City Miata Club, Inc.


Minutes of Monthly Meeting


August 27, 2018


Golden Corral Restaurant, Hermitage, TN


The regular monthly meeting of the Music City Miata Club was held August 27, 2018 at the Golden Corral restaurant in Hermitage, TN  with thirty-four members attending.


Board present:  President Lois Matisak, Event Directors Dave & Barbara Williams, Communications Director Denny Rowlett, Membership Director Ray Sawyer, Past President Greg Johnson, VP & President Elect Jerry Hammock, Historian Linda Herndon, Acting Secretary Stephanie Tankersley.  Absent:  Treasurer Laura Key.


The President, Lois Matisak, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.,  welcomed everyone and asked members on how the change in meeting time was.  Meeting time was changed and was noted to be a huge and positive help for members attending tonight’s meeting.   She then welcomed new members Kevin and Barbara Hill to our club.  They drive a Miata ND.


Ray distributed door prize drawing tickets, while Lois shared information concerning Chad Custer from Nelson Mazda offering to host the September monthly meeting at the Cool Springs location.  A possible date was September 24th or the following Saturday morning.  Approximately 10 members wished to have the September meeting moved to Nelson Mazda.


Lois asked for a motion to approve last month’s minutes.  Barbara Williams made a motion to approve the minutes of the July meeting as posted on the website.  Mike Yarber made the second.  Motion was approved by all.


Finance:  Laura Key was absent and President Lois Matisak gave the Treasurer’s report.  Beginning balance was $2,781.00 with receipts of $ 48.00 and expenses of $61.00  for a current balance of $2,768.00.  Jerry Hammock made the motion to approve the report and Linda Herndon made the second.  Motion approved.


Membership:  Ray Sawyer reported that there were two new signups and one late dues paid.  We now have 91 household memberships.


Door prize drawing winners were Virginia Sawyer, Cheryl Rowlett, Kirby Jeffreys, and Mike Yarber.


Events:  Dave Williams, after several opening jokes, reported on past and upcoming events.


Past Events:


August 2 – MATG


  • Dave reported that he and Barbara led the members to the MATG.  They stopped at The Cookie Jar Restaurant for lunch in Dunlap, TN, had a tasting of cheese at the Sweetwater Valley Farm in Sweetwater, TN and finally arrived safely in Robbinsville for dinner at Lynn’s Restaurant.  On Friday several members traveled to Waynesville, NC to visit Mass General Store.  On Saturday Laura and Anthony led  a group to Georgia.  One the way Lois and Phil Matisak were in an automobile accident.  Their car however was totaled and there were minor injuries but thankfully there were no extreme or serious injuries that required hospital care.  Lois was given the floor to give more details concerning the actual incident.  She also reminded all members to keep safety as our first thoughts during any drive.  Dave continued with details of the drive to Deals Gap on Saturday for the memorial for Candace Sands.


August 4 – Nashville Cars & Coffee (Cool Springs)


  • Stephanie Tankersley reported that 14 cars participated even though many of our members were attending the MATG.


Upcoming Events:


August 31 – Go Kart Racing at the Corvette Plant-Bowling Green


  • Mike Yarber reported that he was leading a drive to the Corvette Plant for go kart racing.  Afterwards he planned on members eating at the Smokey Pig.


September 1 – Nashville Cars & Coffee (Cool Springs)


  • Ray Sawyer reported that he would be setting up for Cars & Coffee to be held from 8 – 10 a.m. at the Thoroughbred Cinemas parking lot in Cool Springs.  Ray requested that members please email him to save spots if they are planning on attending.


September 7 – Homecoming for Overton High School


  • Jerry Hammock reported that any members that would be able to drive in the Overton High School Homecoming and have a Homecoming Court member ride in their car to please let him know.


September 21 – Corvette Plant Race Track


  • Mike Yarber reported that he was leading a drive to the Corvette Plant for members to participate again running laps on the professional driving track.  More information would be available closer to the event.


October 27 – Fall Colors Run to East TN


  • Greg Mikos reported that he would be leading a drive to East Tennessee to enjoy the fall colors. More information would be available sooner to the event.


December 1 – Christmas Party


  • Lois Matisak reported that the Christmas party will be at Caba Ray.  There are 60 spots available.  Members that wish to attend need to pay and make their meal choice.  An email was sent out with the invitation to the event with all of the details and a description of all the food selections.


Vice President/President Elect:  Jerry Hammock reminded all members to drive safely and adhere to all driving laws posted while on any event.  He stated that members should drive at the speed that they feel comfortable with.


Communications:  Denny Rowlett had nothing to report.


Historian:  Linda Herndon had nothing to report.


Past-President:  Greg Johnson reminded members that need badges to let him know so he can have them printed to bring to the next monthly meeting.


New Business:


Lois reported that Stephanie Tankersley would finish out this year’s club secretary duties.  She was warmly congratulated by all members present. Lois then announced that Greg Johnson, Past President, will be working on nominations for the 2019 Board positions during the month of October. All members are eligible to be nominated for these positions. Board nominations will be published and voted on in November.   New members on the board will be welcomed during the Christmas party on December 1, 2018.


Jerry Hammock reported that he has taken over arranging lodging at Deals Gap for MATG.  He is requesting any suggestions for better lodging.


Ray Sawyer reported that t-shirts still are not online.  Please email Ray to purchase t-shirts.


Lois reminded attendees to tip our waitress, and asked for a motion to adjourn.  Denny Rowlett made the motion; Mike Yarber second; all approved. Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Stephanie Tankersley


Acting Recording Secretary

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